Sunday, 10 February 2013

MYOG Lantern

A while ago I decided I'd like a lantern to use in the tent/hammock/shelter etc, just something to read by and to provide a little bit of softish light for around camp or in the tent on an evening.

After a quick browse online I came across a thread on BPL and a lantern a guy called John Taylorson had come up with, I liked the look of it so decided to make my own. I sourced some material and after a couple of attempts came up with what you see above.

It's quite difficult to take a photograph showing the light it gives off but hopefully you get the idea. I made a few of these in one go, on the first couple the stitching wasn't the neatest as I found the thin material quite difficult to work with, pleased with the end result though.
Lantern at work

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