Tuesday, 28 January 2014

First hills of 2014

Managed a quick trip to the Lake District last week and with it my first few hills of the new year, nothing too strenuous, just a couple of day walks but it was great to be out again. I took the GoPro with me but didn't record much footage due to not charging the battery properly, the video below is a glimpse of what I got up to. 

I headed up towards Scafell Pike and Great End via Grains Gill on the first day and had a nice steady wander up High Spy and along to Catbells on day two. No camping this time, due to the forecast of pretty much non-stop rain I decided to have a night in a Youth Hostel. As I said nothing too strenous but it was good to be back the Lakes :-) 



  1. Good stuff Matt

    Plenty of snow up on the tops I see, are you still wearing trail runners?

    1. Cheers Shewie, yeah still in the Trail runners for this one. Recently got some new boots for winter winter but more than happy in the Speedcross unless crampons are likely to be needed