Monday, 17 March 2014

TGOC - Our Route

Another small update...

Time to share a little info on our route for the 2014 TGO challenge, as you can see from the map below our route starts from Strathcarron in the West through to Montrose in the East. There's a good few ups and downs along the way with a wander through the Monadliath and the Cairngorms, along with a healthy mix of wild camps, bothies, and the odd b&b or camp site. 
Route map

I've now booked my train tickets and accommodation to get me to the start point, with a night in the Strathcarron Hotel the night before we set out. As yet I've no idea how I'll be getting home but hopefully I'll have that sorted some time this week.

The only other thing to update at the moment is the gear I'll be taking, I enjoy reading other peoples gear lists so I'll post a full list of what I'll be taking once I've made my mind up. So far the only bits of kit I've decided on are the MLD Trailstar and the MLD Exodus FS pack. In addition to these I've bought a few new bits of gear including a couple of cuben stuff sacks (food and pillow) from Zpacks, some lovely down booties from As Tucas, and a superb new sleeping bag from Marmot. 
Route profile

That's about it for now, I'll post some more detailed route information in the coming weeks. 

Only 8 weeks to go :-)



  1. A cracking route.
    Might I suggest the Blue Door Walk alongside the North Esk?
    So much nicer than the plod down the road!

    1. Thanks Alan and cheers for the link, not seen that before :-)

    2. Hi Alan, just thought I'd say thanks again for the heads up re the Blue Door walk, thoroughly enjoyed it

  2. Good looking route Matt, not long now eh

    1. Cheers Shewie, Yeah won't be long now, really looking forward to it, think I'm just about sorted kit wise