Thursday, 8 May 2014

TGO Challenge 2014 - Off I go

Well that's it, everything's packed and it's almost time to go. 

I catch the train to Strathcarron in the morning and our Challenge begins on Saturday. All in including 4 days food my final pack weight comes to 11.18kg. 

I hope to post a few updates when signal allows both here and via twitter. If you'd like to check our progress have a look here, fingers crossed the Social Hiking map should update live as we go.

Many thanks to all those who've posted advice and good wishes for our wander, hopefully I'll return with a few photo's and some footage from the GoPro that's worth sharing :-)



  1. Good luck Matt, enjoy every minute of it

    1. Cheers Rich, that's certainly the plan :-) Thanks for your advice and help with the planning. Can't wait to get going now

  2. Good luck Matt. Hope the weather's kind.

  3. Good luck and enjoy your challenge. Looking forward to seeing progress/report :)

  4. Many thanks, had a superb time, I enjoyed every minute of it