Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wet wet wet

A week or so ago I managed to nip to the Lakes for the first time this year, I'd hoped for a couple of camps but checking the forecast before leaving home suggested the weather was going to be pretty horrendous...

...I decided to head over anyway as I was keen to stretch the legs but unfortunately for me the forecast was correct, with lots and lots of rain and winds up to 120km/h to smash it in to me I decided to retreat to the YHA and had a fun but rather moist couple of day walks instead.

Due to the rain the camera stayed safely tucked away in my pack but I recorded a few clips on the GoPro which I thought I'd share. Nothing special, just a record of my first Lakes wander of the new year. 


Peaks Include: Barrow, Stile End, Outerside, Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Sail, Crag Hill, Eel Crag, Rosthwaite Fell


  1. Can't argue with that!....Def Wet, Wet, Wet!!
    Kudos for even setting off.

  2. Rather you than me Matt, I admire your determination