Friday, 13 June 2014

Photo's from the 2014 TGO Challenge - Part 2

A few more photo's from our 2014 coast to coast crossing of Scotland.

The selection of photo's below cover the second half of our crossing, from Luachair Mhor to Montrose. 

Day 7 - Luachair Mhor to Aviemore 

Day 8 - Aviemore to camp near Faindouran Lodge

Lochan Uaine

As we approached Bynack More the weather came in, with rain and 50mph winds the camera was safely stowed away and as such I didn't take any more photo's on this part of the crossing :-(

Day 9 - Faindouran Lodge to Daldownie wild camp

Day 10 - Daldownie to Ballater

Gear drying in Ballater

Day 11 - Ballater to camp at Tarfside

Early light in Ballater

Gate on the way to Mount Keen

Relaxing atop Mount Keen

Day 12 - Tarfside to North Water Bridge camp site

Day 13 - North Water Bridge to Montrose

It would appear I didn't take many photo's on the way to the coast, the only photo's from today were taken once we reached Montrose.

Hungry for more? - Photo's taken during the first half of our crossing can be seen here and the full route of our little wander can be found hereThe above and previous photo post represent just a small selection of the photo's taken, in addition to these there's also the numerous stills and time-lapse images taken with the GoPro. It was a great two weeks and I'm glad I took so many photographs to help me remember it in the years to come :-) 



  1. Nice set of photos, captured the challenge well Matt

    1. Thanks Paul, wish I'd taken more but that's always the case :-)