Thursday, 5 June 2014

Photo's from the 2014 TGO Challenge

Rather than wait until I've got time to put together some sort of write up I thought I'd share a few photo's from our crossing now. 

The selection of photo's below cover the first half of our crossing, from Strathcarron to Luachair Mhor.

Day 0 - Home to Strathcarron

The Strathcarron Hotel

View from the footbridge at Strathcarron Station

Sunset from the Strathcarron Hotel

Day 1 - Strathcarron to Maol-bhuidhe Bothy

@munro277 & @leerockwell15 checking our route

View to Bendronaig Lodge

Topping up water supplies

Home for night 1, Maol-bhuidhe Bothy

Day 2 - Maol-bhuidhe Bothy to Glen Affric wild camp

1st river crossing of the day

Day 3 - Glen Affric to Meall na Doire wild camp

Track along Loch Affric

We walked with Alistair Whitaker for much of Day 3

@munro277 by Loch nan Gillain

Day 4 - Meall na Doire to Fort Augustus

Gear drying

Distant inversion

Fort Augustus

Day 5 - Fort Augustus to Chalybeate Springs wild camp

Day 6 - Chalybeate Springs to Luachair Mhor wild camp

Carn Deag

Tea stop :-)

The full route walked can be seen here, the map shows the live tracking data recorded during our crossing using a Spot 3 messenger. In all we walked just over 365km with 9203m of ascent in a little over 12 days and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it. Part 2 of my video series covering our crossing will hopefully be up tomorrow, thanks again for all the kind words and comments regarding part 1.



  1. There are some jolly nice photo's there!
    It all takes me back to previous trips..
    Soon be time to apply again!

    1. Thanks Andrew, I doubt it'll be in 2015 but I'll definitely be back on the TGOC at some point :-)

  2. Some cracking photo's there! Have you photo shopped any of them, or is it just the natural lighting? I really must get up to Scotland to do some walking / camping, maybe even do the TGO one year to. So glad you enjoyed it and a job well done. Looking forward to more pictures and enjoying the video's to!

    1. Thanks Headshed, no photoshop but most of them have had a quick trip through Lightroom, typically 30 seconds adjustment at most