Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pitching the MLD SuperMid

For a while now I've been eyeing up the Mountain Laurel Designs SuperMid as a potential replacement for my DuoMid. 

I rate the DuoMid, it pitches easily and stands up well to the elements however I originally bought it with the intention of using it as a two person shelter, whilst there is room for two I feel it's possibly a little snug and is maybe better suited to single person use (especially in wet weather). After a very kind offer I've recently had a SuperMid on loan and had the chance to try one out so I thought I'd share a short video I put together.

Whilst not a complete start to finish pitching video the above is hopefully enough to show how easily the SuperMid pitches. As with other mids I've used you simply peg out the four main corners leaving a little bit of slack in the lines, it's important here to try to and peg the four pegging points as square as possible, next insert the centre pole and then tighten the cord locks as required. That's it, it's up, next peg out the remaining tie outs and you're all done. As with the DuoMid I've used my Pacer poles as the centre pole for the SuperMid, removing the two handle sections and joining the remaining four sections together using an additional 18mm pole section.

This is by no means a review and I haven't used it in any kind of testing weather but for what it's worth I've been impressed with the SuperMid, it pitches easily, packs down only slightly larger than a DuoMid or Trailstar (it fits in the same size stuff sack) and is only a little heavier. It provides acres of room, this thing is big, it's a shame it's only on loan.



  1. Tony lend it to you ? Honoured if he did. I want one. Nice vid by the way.

    1. Thanks Martin, no it's not Tony's this one, really impressed with the it, going to start saving for my own I think

  2. I've got the two person HMG Ultamid and I'm very happy with it. So if you're going for the Supermid for that extra space for two persons I guess you're gonna be fine.