Saturday, 18 October 2014

MYOG Cuben Hybrid Pack Lid

I recently made a pack lid using Hybrid Cuben Fiber, it's the first time I've used the fabric for a MYOG project and I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out so I thought I'd share a few photo's of the finished item.

As you can see from the above photo the design is taken from the MLD UL pack lid, as well as using different fabrics I made a couple of very minor changes to the size, the way it attaches to the pack, and I also added an interior mitten hook to attach keys etc to. I enjoy MYOG projects and part of the reason I made this one was to get some practise using the hybrid Cuben fabric as well as installing a zip and attaching tie outs, all of which I plan to use on a future project.

Interior key/gear clip

The lid attaches to the pack using four side release LineLoc buckles, the front two using Dyneema cord and the rear two using 3mm Elastic cord. This makes the lid very easy to attach/remove as well as adjust once it's in place. I don't intend to use it this way but as the cord attaches to the pack using mitten hooks it's possible to use the lid as a chest pouch as well. 

Lid attached to the MLD Exodus FS backpack

The lid wasn't made to be waterproof but it should prove to be very water resistant as the hybrid material is waterproof and I've sealed all the seams with either cuben tape or seam sealant. The zip used (#3 Uretek zipper tape) is sold as waterproof but I imagine water resistant is probably a more accurate description and some water could wick in from the corner tie outs once they're soaked meaning it won't be 100% waterproof but it should see off a good shower. I did consider adding a storm flap to the zipper and some more sealant to the corner tie outs but this would have been overkill for its intended use. 

Interior taping/sealing

For anyone considering their own project the fabric/zip/Cuben-tape came from ZPacks in the USA and the clips/cords from ExtremtextilI'm really pleased with the end product, as mentioned above It's the first time I've made anything using the Cuben Hybrid fabric and I found it very nice to work with, it's also only the second time I've made anything using a zip. 

Zip detail

Based on the specs from the MLD site I guesstimate it should add 5-6.5 litres of capacity to my pack and on my (crappy) scales it comes it at 44g which isn't bad. 


Rear view

Tie out

Exterior zip detail

Exterior seem

Wider view