Sunday, 16 March 2014

As Tucas Foratata Down Socks

I recently placed an order for some custom gear from As Tucas in Spain, whilst my custom gear was being made I noticed on their FB page they were putting together a prototype for a down sock. I've been wanting a pair of down booties to use inside my sleeping bag for quite a while so I emailed Marco at As Tucas and asked if a pair of these could be added to my order. 

I ordered a size medium and decided to go with Teal Blue.  The fabric used is called T20D which is pretty much the same as Momentum 90, it feels very soft to the touch and has a DWR treatment which should help provide a little resistance to moisture. The upper on my Borah Bivy is made from M90 and despite being only 38g/m² it's held up very well so hopefully these down socks will prove to do the same. 

In the above configuration the total weight for the pair comes in at 59g on my scales, a smidgen over the listed weight of 58g but I can live with the extra 1g ;-) Pretty impressive considering the fill weight used is 30g alone.

As with the custom gear I received (separate post on these soon) the workmanship on the Foratata down socks is superb. The design is nice and simple but well thought out, providing a good fit and being easy to slip on. The seams and stitching are very neat and I can't find a thread out of place, plus they squish down to almost nothing.

I haven't had chance to use them as yet (other than in the house!) but i'm looking forward to trying them out, at 59g for the pair these will almost certainly be coming on the TGO Challenge with me as a bit of a luxury item.

Full Specs for my socks in size Medium:

Colour: Teal Blue
Listed weight: 58g/Pair (2.04oz)
Weight on my scales: 59g/Pair (2.08oz)
Fill weight: 30g (1.05oz)
Fill: 850+ Goose Down 95:5
Shell: Blue T20D
Liner: Black T20D
T20D: 100% Nylon, 20D, Taffeta, DWR treated, wind resistant, 38g/m²


Elasticated ankle cuff

As Tucas label

I've no affiliations etc with As Tucas and any item in this post was bought with my own hard earned pennies.


  1. Have my eye on these as well, and many other of Marco's fine products.

  2. Just ordered some, this review helped. Was toying with the PHD socks but I've bought stuff from Marco before and like what I have seen, your comments 'sealed the dea'l!

  3. Like Mark above I has also considered the PHD socks, so after a year of pondering, I've taken the plunge and ordered a pair from Marco. My down socks now form part of my sleeping arrangements which has led me to use my down jacket and trousers and thus reduce the weight of my sleeping bag by 300 grams...oh god help me I may be turning into a gram obsessed backpacker