Tuesday, 12 November 2013

@Munro277's final Munro

Back in September I headed up to the Mamores in Scotland with Peter & Lee, aka @Munro277 & @Leerockwell15After what he describes as "a long campaign" @Munro277 had just one Munro left to complete, Am Bodach.  With that in mind a route was planned around the ridges of the Mamores taking in Peter's final munro as well as a few others. 

@FlintyRich was in the area on holiday with family so joined us part way through the first day and camped with us above Fort William on the Saturday night. The weather wasn't the best, walking in the mist most of the time but thankfully the rain held off during the day, it did however pour down for most of the night and the wind swirled around our camp. This caused me to lower and move the entrance on the Trailstar, the first time I've ever needed to do either of these things! 

As I mentioned yesterday I'm a bit strapped for time at the moment but wanted to share the video I put together when we got back as I've never done anything with it. 

I'm really not doing the trip justice with such a short write up, it was a great few days and an honour to have joined Peter for his final Munro. When I've got more free time I'll get round to writing a proper trip report but this will have to suffice for now :-)

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A few photo's from the trip:
Home for the first night

Looking back along a section of the West Highland Way

Trailstar, Scarp 1, Cricket, overlooking Fort William 

My home for the night

All done! Am Bodach

Oscar the mountain dog, not quite done a full round but not far off

View along the Allt Coire a' Bhinnein

Making way down to Kinlochleven


Above shows planned route, actual route walked was slightly different 

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