Wednesday, 18 October 2017

36L Hybrid DCF Pack

I've been sewing again...

I decided to make myself a new UL style pack as there were a couple of changes I wanted to make from my previous builds, the main change being a slight reduction in torso length but also making a few other tweaks here and there. Whilst I'm not 100% sold on DCF for packs, I do really like it but like everything it has its downsides, not least the price. Nevertheless I went ahead and ordered some fabric from Extrem Textil, I was originally going to use Black but after seeing the White was back in stock I went with that instead. Sure it picks up dirt and stains pretty easily but I like the aesthetic, even when it gets grimy. 

The Hybrid DCF used is the more common 102g/sqm variety and whilst I don't expect it to live forever, with a little care it should last pretty well. The shoulder straps and side pockets are made from the more durable Dyneema-X which I think is probably my all round favourite fabric for pack use. 

This pack is approx 36L for the main body and weighs 325g. I'd guesstimate a total capacity of around 46L including all the pockets. There's no mistaking this pack is modelled after the Pa'lante Simple, it's kind of a cross between that and another favourite the MLD Prophet, with the capacity being some where between the two. It's double sewn/felled/bar-tacked/bonded/taped as and where I felt necessary, and all the high stress areas are reinforced with additional DCF bonded at 45° to the main body fabric.

I used a dense 10mm thick CCF foam for the shoulder straps plus 3D mesh on the underside which makes the straps feel nice and thick with a good amount of padding. I included stretch mesh shoulder strap pockets and a bottom pocket, both features I've come to love on the Simple. There's a large stretch mesh main pocket, haul loop, top strap, a removable/adjustable sternum strap, simple LL3 side compression/brolly keepers, and that's about it.

I've not had chance to use the pack a great deal as yet, the reduced torso length does seem to fit me better though. Super happy with how this one turned out and looking forward to using it more, I'll update here when it's had a lot more use. 


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  1. That is a tasty, tidy looking pack Matt. Wishing I had a decent sewing machine and the time and knowledge to learn how to use it!

  2. Hey, any chance of posting a pattern for this or any of your other designs? I'm wanting to make something similar. Cheers!