MLD Trailstar

It's no secret that I love the MLD Trailstar. I've owned my Silnylon version of this shelter since October 2012 and since then It has become my shelter of choice. Since it arrived it's been on nearly every trip I've taken and It's proved itself time and time again. It's superbly impressive in strong winds and incredibly quick and easy to set up.

I thought I'd put up this page to share some photo's of the Trailstar in use. I plan to get a lot more use out of it in the future and will continue to update here as I go :-)

You can read my original top 5 Trailstar pitches post here, which includes links to information and reviews for this fantastic shelter.

Hope you enjoy the photo's, thanks for reading



  1. nice one matt

  2. Great set of pics Matt, the TS just looks awesome wherever you plonk it.

    I'm hoping the DuoMid I've just got lives up to the same reputation

  3. Great pics Matt, I really like the trailstar myself, I've been using it all through winter as you may have seen, I just recently started using the hex peak over the past few weeks to test it's resolve on short multi days, I have grown increasingly fond of this little gem, like the t/s you can pitch it in about 5 mins or less, I use it with a bivvy and leave the inner at home, this leaves you with literally bags of room, no pun intended, and optional sleeping positions, as one of my blog reports showed it can stand up to very high winds even more so now, as I started using a stronger pole. The other benefit of course is the door. Really like the t/s but the hex has left me in two minds on what to take on the WHW. I think you have most of my upcoming blog here on my summary of the hex. :-) cheers mate.

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  5. beautiful i like alot i wish i can do that mybe one day .
    العاب ولاد al3ab66

  6. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for this information and I love the pics. May I ask what inner you are using in this picture?

    Stay healthy. Take care.