Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Quick look - MLD DuoMid

A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of a MLD DuoMid in Cuben Fiber, It's the first shelter I've owned which is made from Cuben so I was pretty excited about receiving it. As soon as it arrived I was straight out in to the garden to try it out. 

The DuoMid didn't come with the necessary pole extender so I resorted to using an empty beer bottle which was less than ideal. Despite reading everything I could prior to putting it up I initially found it quite tricky to get a tight/even pitch. After a bit of head scratching and a quick check online I realised that I didn't have the pole set long enough, so with this adjusted I was soon able to get a nice tight pitch in no time at all. So far I've found it pitches well with the pole length set to 145cm which is the same height as others have recommended online.

MLD give the weight of the Cuben DuoMid as 14oz which is near enough 400g, mine weighs in at 460g inc lines and stuff sack so i'm happy with that. I also got the MLD Duo InnerNet which weighs 405g inc the supplied stuff sack, lines, and 4 micro carabiners used to attach it to the DuoMid. The given weight for the inner is 370g so again this seems pretty close. I doubt I'll use the DuoInner that often but It's nice to have the option.

As mentioned above the DuoMid didn't come with a pole extender so after a request for help on Twitter I was recommended the Backpackinglight Pole Extender (Thanks Robin - @blgpackinglight) which arrived today. I've had a quick play in the garden and I have to say I'm really impressed with the extender, such a simple idea and seems very sturdy when pitched, very happy.

First impression of the DuoMid are very good, I'd say there's plenty of room for two plus gear and with the pole height of 145cm there's good headroom. The quality of the workmanship looks to be very good, every bit as good as on my Trailstar. I'm heading to the Lake District next week and the DuoMid will be coming with me, really looking forward to seeing how it performs.


MLD Cuben Fiber DuoMid: 460g
MLD Duo InnerNet: 405g
Backpackinglight Pole Extender: 45g
Pegs: 107g (Ti & Alu x 10)
Total: 1017g

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  1. Just wanted to add that I contacted Ron re obtaining a MLD pole extender and he popped one in the post to me FOC :-) Great service!