Sunday, 28 September 2014

More from the 2014 TGO Challenge

With the release of the entry forms for the 2015 TGO Challenge I've been having another look through the photo's from my 2014 crossing. I took quite few photo's as well as all the video footage so here's a few more from what was an excellent two weeks wandering across the Scottish Highlands.



  1. Some excellent photos Matt, thanks for sharing. Unfortuantely my recent 5 day wander around the Cairngorms has made the wife have second thoughts about my leaving her and our boy for 2wks so I'll not be applying for the TGO. Bit gutted tbh but gonna get her used to the idea witha few multi-day trips next year so I can apply for 2016. Will you be taking the TS again or you gonna go with the Solomid?

    1. Thanks Elton, that's a shame but never mind eh, you can still get plenty of trips in this coming year. I'm not applying for 2015 but considering doing so for 2016, as such it's Impossible to say at the moment which shelter I'd choose but there's no reason I'd not take that the Trailstar again. I love the SoloMid but for a 2 week trip I'd probably prefer something with a little more room, maybe ;-)